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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements

Important CPE Policies Update

The CGFM CPE policies have been updated to include changes and clarifications to current policies.

Changes (effective for all CPE cycles that start after 12/31/2020):

  1. New requirement of 4 ethics hours per cycle – see Section 2 
  2. New limit of 20 hours in taxation per cycle – see Section 12 

Clarifications and additional details were added to the existing polices, including:

  • the role of PCB and Office of Professional Certification – see Section 1 and 11
  • hours not included in the first CPE cycle – see Section 2
  • no-carry over policy – see Section 5
  • grace period availability – see Section 6
  • types of individual study programs – see Section 10
  • CGFM program activities approved for CPE credit – see Section 10
  • shorter list of examples of topics and subjects – see Section 12
  • not counting programs that are less than 1 CPE – see Section 14
  • CPE credit for individual study programs – see Section 14