CGFM Certification You Pass We Pay Program Brochure

CGFM - You Pass We Pay Program (YPWPP)

The You Pass WE Pay Program (YPWPP) is a great way to assist NM Chapter members meet their goal of obtaining the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) certification.

The basic criteria and steps for the YPWPP are summarized below:

STEP 1: Only NM Chapter members are eligible for this program since it is unique to our Chapter.

STEP 2: Begin the CGFM Certification Process on the AGA national website – Complete the Program Application Form. Once approved, you will receive a CGFM Eligibility Letter in the mail.

STEP 3: Send an email to the CGFM Coordinator to “apply” for the YPWPP program. Once accepted into the YPWPP program, participants are allotted One (1) Year to take and pass all three examinations. The clock starts “ticking” when an agreed upon date is received by the CGFM Coordinator and the participant. A Welcome Letter is sent out to you welcoming you to the YPWPP program which will have your start date.

STEP 4: STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Schedule, take and pass the exams. (Study materials are available for the participant to borrow on a first come, first served basis. Contact the CGFM Coordinator Kusum Adhikari, at for more details.)

STEP 5: Upon successful completion of passing all three examinations, the participant will provide the CGFM Coordinator with a copy of the official AGA Award Letter from AGA National stating the applicant has passed all three examinations. Also, submit proof of payment with a signed statement attesting that the applicant has received no further financial assistance for this process (i.e., having an employer pay for the exams.) A determination will be made verifying that all three examinations were completed within the one (1) year time period allotted and proof of payment and signed statement are sufficient. Reimbursement will then be made to the participant.

For more information on the CGFM Certification process, visit the AGA national website –

Contact the CGFM Coordinator, Kusum Adhikari, for more information on the YPWPP process by e-mail at