FRAUD'22 - Sponsor & Exhibitor Resource Center

Deliverables Deadlines:

Friday, Sept. 2:

Wendesday, Sept. 7:

Wednesday, Sept. 14:


Note:  Thank you for complying with AGA's deadlines.  After these dates, we cannot guarantee your materials will be posted. Artwork and video files not meeting the guidelines will not be accepted.

Questions— Please contact Monica Cordova at


Complimentary Registrations:

Sponsors-- Download the Complimentary Sponsor Registration form here and email it to no later than Friday, Sept. 2

*Included Sponsor Complimentary Full Event Registrations:

  • Gold- 10 virtual, 4 in-person
  • Silver- 8 virtual, 2 in-person
  • Bronze- 6 virtual, 1 in-person

Exhibitors -- Download the Complimentary Exhibitor Registration form here and email it to no later than Friday, Sept. 2.

*Included Exhibitor Complimentary Registrations:

  • Three (3) complimentary booth staff registrations
  • One (1) complimentary virtual booth registration to monitor chatroom


  • To register additional paid exhibitor on-site personnel at $100.00 each, please download the paid exhibitor registration form here and email it to  no later than Friday, Sept. 2.
  • Exhibitor Registration Includes access to all functions held in the Solutions Hall only. Lunch is not included. The Ronald Reagan Building Food Court is conveniently located. Exhibitor registration does not include CPEs.
  • Sponsor in-person registration includes all functions held in the Solutions Hall, Lunch and up to 14 CPEs per attendee.

Welcome Video (Gold Sponsors only)

  • Record a 1-minute personalized video of one of your company representative welcoming FRAUD attendees; talk about your products/services and how they can provide solutions to government financial  management professionals (.mp4 format is recommended)
  • Upload video file here by Sept. 7, save it under your “Company name FRAUD 22”. No sign-in required.

This welcome video will be played during session breaks. Please note this welcome video is different from the "Commercial Video". Click here for guidelines and tips on how to produce the video.

Virtual Solutions Hall Resources & Chat:

Virtual Booth- AGA will pre-setup your virtual booth and use description, artwork banner, social media links and commercial videos of your company form past events that AGA has on file. You'll receive the link to the Fraud' Virtual Solutions by Sept. 1st, once you receive this link, please access your booth, review the information and let us know if edits/changes are needed , if so, please send new info and resources no later than Wednesday, Sept. 7 to

  • Company name & description (100 words max),  website link & phone #
  • Point of contact— full name, job title, and email address
  • Social Media Icons – Company links of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Resources-- Maximum of three (3) downloadable files (PDF, YouTube video links, url links)
  • Branded banner artwork in .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF format, size of 1280px X 220px* (see a sample here)
  • Commercial Video (.mp4 format only) — Upload video file here and save it as "Your Company Name FRAUD 21”.This video will auto-play when a visitor enters your booth (as long as the visitor’s auto-play is not disabled). Please note this commercial video is different from the "Welcome Video".

Chat Room- The Live Chat function will be available during the training days only (from Sept. 20 at 7:30 am until Sept. 21 at 5pm). 

We kindly ask that at least one company representative be available to chat during session breaks. Please see the agenda here for break times. An alert will sound when a new chat message is received.

Please send the full name and email of the personnel assigned to monitor your chat room to by Wednesday, Sept. 14th.
  • If the person assigned to monitor your chatroom is registered to attend the full training under your complimentary registrations, they will access the chatroom through the FRAUD virtual platform as all registered attendees .
  • IIf the assigned staff is not registered to attend the conference under your complimentary registrations or as a regular attendee, this person will be provided with a unique link to access the chat which will be emailed few days before the training.


  • FRAUD 22 Virtual Solutions Hall will remain accessible to attendees until October 5, 2022.
  • It’s recommended that you allow pop-up windows in your browser for the solutions hall
  • Reports of who visited your booth, who downloaded my resources & chat logs will be provided by AGA after the event.
  • Cllick here to review the guidelines and tips on videos, artwork and resources.
  • Watch this sample video on how to navigate the Virtual Solutions Hall

focusing on internal controls and minimizing fraud, waste and abuse

September 19–20 | Washington, DC
14 CPEs

Registration and Fees

Early bird deadline – Aug. 23, 2024
All Other
AGA Members
Early Bird
Early Bird
General Admission
Government Member
Private Member
Government Non-member
Private Non-member
Government Member
Private Member
Government Non-member
Private Non-member

AGA's Self-Learning Program Library Selected Sessions (Gold & Silver Sponsors only)

  • # of sessions: Gold- 2, Silver- 1
  • Please identify and email the sessions you would like us to include on the AGA's Self-Learning Program to Kia Lor at by Wednesday. Sept. 14. Kia will coordinate with POC for final details.

On-site Tabletop Logistics (Exhibitors only):

Tabletop Display Guidelines: AGA will provide each company with one (1) six-foot skirted table and two (2) chairs. You may bring a small tabletop display, literature, table skirts, etc. to help decorate your table space. 

  • Only small tabletop displays should be used. Companies are prohibited from bringing full-size 10’ x 10’ booth set-ups or displays that do not fit within the allotted table space.
  • Please bring only the materials, products and display pieces that will fit on top of a six-foot table. If you need to ship your display directly to the Reagan Building, please use the attached form. You can also hand carry a few small items.

Soutions Hall
Floor Plan

Tabletop Set-Up/Schedule:

  • Tabletop display set-up takes place from 6:30 – 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.
  • You may also set up your display from 3 4 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 19, with approval from AGA, however, there will be no overnight security provided at the tabletop exhibit area.

For more details, please review the full agenda here:

Tuesday, Sept. 20

6:30 –7:30am
Tabletop set-up

7:45 – 8:30am
Breakfast in the Solutions Hall

10:45 - 11:15am
Coffee Break

2:50 – 3:20pm
Coffee Break

Wednesday, Sept. 21

7:30am – 3:20pm
Exhibit Hall Open

7:45 – 8:30am
Breakfast in the Solutions Hall

10:45 – 11:15am
Coffee Break

2:50 – 3:20pm
Coffee Break

3:30 – 4:30pm
Tabletop Dismantle

Electricity/Internet/Lead Retrieval/Shipping Labels:

If you need additional services to showcase your products, please download the forms and contact directly each provider to request for these services:

Note: Forms should be submitted at least 5 business days before the event to propery execute your requests by each service provider.

Click here to review exhibit rules & regulations

Attendee List

  • Pre- and post-event registration mailing list in excel format— to be sent by Monica Cordova on September 7 & 29 respectively.

On-Site Solutions Hall (Exhibitors only) - Each attendee will receive a card in their bag that lists your company name. Attendees will visit your booth to get a stamp or signature on their card. All completed cards will be eligible to win prizes

Maximize your sponsorship through self-promotion! Let attendees know you’re excited to engage with them at FRAUD.

  • Social Media: Use the hashtag #FRAUD22 and tag @agacgfm on Twitter and/or Facebook. Feel free to use the suggested posts below or use your own words:
  1. We are proud to sponsor @agacgfm #FRAUD22!
  2. Visit our booth at the @agacgfm #FRAUD22 Solutions Hall and chat with us.

Download the respective Sponsor and/or Exhibitor  social media images.

  • Email: Use the pre-event registration mailing list to send a promotional email to attendees. The pre-event registration mailing list is provided as an Excel spreadsheet and will be sent Sept 6.
  • Use incentives: Virtual booths that offer incentives (giveaways, raffles, etc.) have much higher traffic than those that do not. Consider offering an incentive to draw people to your booth, and run promotions through social media or email to let attendees know to visit your virtual and on-site booth.