Strategic Plan


AGA is a professional association advancing accountability, transparency and leadership by promoting education, certification, innovation and collaboration across all levels of government and to stakeholders.


AGA endeavors to be the premier association for advancing government accountability.


AGA's core values include: Service, Accountability, Integrity and Leadership.

Strategic goals and objectives

AGA aims to attain the following goals and objectives:

  • Serve as the catalyst for innovation and thought leadership in government financial management.
    • Invest in leading and emerging issues.
    • Provide valued input on standards and to policymakers.
  • Educate and empower professionals to advance government accountability.
    • Expand participation and the reach of educational events through multiple delivery channels.
    • Offer timely and relevant events, courses and tools.
    • Promote careers in government financial management.
  • Advance Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) as the certification for government accountability professionals.
    • Promote the relevance and value of the CGFM to individuals, employers and educators.
    • Increase the number of CGFMs.
    • Continuously update certification processes and materials for relevancy.
  • Facilitate collaboration among multiple disciplines, sectors, and levels of government.
    • Provide forums for dialogue and information-sharing.
    • Engage with government leaders and professional organizations to build partnerships and trust.
    • Develop and promote tools to address intergovernmental challenges.
  • Maximize member value.
    • Empower chapters and support their activities.
    • Expand opportunities for leadership development.
    • Increase the number and diversity of members.
    • Create experiences that increase member engagement.
    • Engage and mentor young professionals.
  • Enhance the public’s perception of government financial management.
    • Utilize multiple forms of media to highlight significant achievements of government financial managers.
    • Promote citizen-friendly reporting of governments’ finances, accomplishments and challenges.
    • Communicate the value of public service.
    • Highlight the importance of financial management in decision-making.