As a service to its members, The AGA Seattle Chapter encourages its members to post job announcements to this website that might be of interest to its members and others interested in government accounting and accountability.  Interested persons/agencies should submit announcements to  Only announcements via E-mail will be accepted.  An announcement will only be posted after it has been determined to be in accordance with the terms of our job posting policy.   The Chapter in no way benefits financially from posting such announcements.  If an announcement is acceptable, it will be posted on the Seattle Chapter website for the length of time agreed.

Criteria for announcements:

  • reasonable length,
  • appropriate content,
  • relates to government financial management, and
  • limited length of time for posting.

Job announcements may be:

  • edited by the Chapter Board, particularly to limit length;
  • cancelled at any time at the Chapter Board’s discretion, and
  • rejected at the Chapter Board’s discretion.