The First Chapter

What a remarkable journey it has been since that September day in 1950 when Mr. Robert King gathered a small group of federal accountants and began the Federal Government Accountants Association (FGAA). The FGAA later expanded to include state and local government finance professionals and changed its name to the Association of Government Accountants (AGA). The AGA has worked to support government financial management at all levels and enhance the professional growth and personal development of its members — resulting in lifelong friendships and momentous change in government finance. We are proud of the Association that we have built together, with a rich history of promoting government financial management excellence while enhancing the careers of our members. Our AGA D.C. Chapter includes accountants, auditors, budget and systems managers, and other financial professionals. Our Chapter especially welcomes members who are students, early career professionals, and retirees.

Pictured Above:

Double Chapter Presidents - DC Chapter and National: Doug Glenn, Virginia Robinson, Evelyn Brown, Lisa Casias, and Sam Mok (Newest: Wendy Morton-Huddleston, 2020-2021)

African-American Chapter Presidents: Virginia Robinson, Evelyn Brown, Terry Bowie, Ross Simms, and Wendy Morton-Huddleston (Newest: Malena Brookshire, 2019-2020)

Private-Sector Chapter Presidents: Jorge Asef-Sargent, Christina Beck, and  Wendy Morton-Huddleston (Newest: Paul Lionikis, 2020-2021)

Asian-American Chapter Presidents: Doris Chew, Sam Mok, and Salim Mawani

First Latino Chapter President: Jorge Asef-Sargent

2020 70th Anniversary Interviews with notable DC Chapter Leaders:

Gerald Murphy

Virginia Robinson

Evelyn Brown

Samuel T. Mok

Wendy Morton-Huddleston

Click below for some great highlights of AGA DC's history:

AGA DC's First Meeting and Early Days

1951 Articles of Incorporation

AGA DC Chapter History 1950 - 1990

Notable Chapter Presidents 1950-2017

AGA DC Community Service - A Tradition of Service

Twelve Memorable Speakers at AGA DC Events

AGA DC Meeting Venues 1950-2016

        AGA DC Chapter Presidents

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