Upcoming 2023-2024 Sponsored Training & Events

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AGA DC Chapter VIP Luncheon - Invitation only

The AGA DC Chapter VIP Luncheon will take place Thursday, November 2 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at The Hamilton – 600 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005.

Diamond Sponsors are invited to the AGA DC Chapter VIP Luncheon featuring Teresa Hunter, Chief Financial Officer of the Internal Revenue Service.



Past Sponsored Training/Demos


05/02/2023 - PY 23

Compliance Built to Last

Speaker: Adam Krulewitz 

 Link to video

04/04/2023 - PY 23

Psychological Safety in the Workplace - Building Trust and Innovation
Speaker: Holly Ann Morton, The MIL Corporation

 Link to video

11/15/2022 - PY23

Designing Your Finance Function of the Future
Speaker: Sydney Phalen

 Link to video Zoom Access Code: hn8*DXz2

11/09/2022 - PY23

Sustaining Change: Preview of the 2022 AGA IG Survey.
Speaker: David Zavada

Link to video Zoom Access Code: 6x8S$Ku*

07/27/2022 - PY23

Mitigating Account Fraud and Improper Payments using Account Validation Services
Speaker: Nic Masarone and Ryan Schmiedl

 Link to video

6/15/2022 - PY22

Compliance Built to Last - Leading Practices of Compliance Programs that Stand the Test of Time
Speaker: Adam Krulewitz

 Link to video | Handout 

5/25/2022 - PY22

Fighting Frankenstein: The Future of Identity Crime Prevention
Speakers: Philip Burke; Zachary Rosenfeld

 Link to video

05/03/2022 - PY22

Implementing Data Sharing Efforts
Speaker: Brad Schoffstall

 Link to video

4/26/2022 - PY22

KPMG Audit & Intelligent Automation
Speakers: Chris Grassano, John Heath, and Cynthia Tan

 Link to video

03/16/2021 - PY22

SOC 1© and Your Internal Controls Program
Speaker: Phil Moore

 Link to video

2/10/2022 - PY22

Enhancing Quality through Robotics Process Animation
Speaker: Bruce Corfield

 Link to video | Handout

01/27/2022 - PY22

Introduction to Zero Trust Architecture
Speaker: Christine Owen

 Link to video | Handout

12/9/2021 - PY22

The AGA IG Survey: Charting The Course of Independent Oversight
Speaker: David Zavada

 Link to video

11/16/2021- PY22

Public Sector End-To-End Budget
Formulation - Product Demonstration
Speaker: Adam Kevelson

 Link to video

10/28/2021 - PY22

Using AI to Detect and Prevent Fraud
Speaker: Paul Marshall

 Link to video

07/07/2021- PY22

Infor's best practices for increasing the adoption of analytics
Speaker: Raan Jeelani

 Link to video | Handout

06/22/2021 - PY21

Natural Language Processing: What is it and how can it be leveraged today?
Speaker: Kristian Jackson

 Link to video

06/10/2021 - PY21

OneStream Product Demo
Speaker: Michael Germain and Stewart Clark

 Link to video

05/11/2021 - PY21

Speaker: Carita Colding

 Link to video | Handout

05/06/2021 - PY21

Edge Analytics: The power of data at your fingertips
Speaker: Jason Porter

 Link to video

02/26/2021 - PY21

Data Analytics Framework and Approaches
Speakers: Caitlin McGurn, Farhan Bandukda and Kyle Harrison

 Link to video | Handout

01/28/2021 - PY21

Integrating Robotic Automation and Artificial Intelligence
Speakers: Paul Marshall

 Link to video | Handout