File an Ethics Complaint with the
AGA Professional Ethics Board

AGA Members and CGFMs have an affirmative duty to be familiar with the Code of Ethics and to identify and resolve ethical issues before acting. The National Governing Board (NGB) has delegated authority for the review of inquiries to the Professional Ethics Board (PEB).

AGA and PEB will strive to maintain confidentiality in all inquiries and investigations. It is acknowledged that, as a necessary part of replying to an inquiry or conducting an investigation, others may become aware of confidential information.

Three methods are acceptable for filing an ethics complaint with the board:

  1. By mail to AGA, Attn: Professional Ethics Board, 2208 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301.
  2. By email to
  3. By completing the form on this page.

PEB is required to maintain confidentiality with respect to any and all complaints and the review or investigation of such complaints. However, we urge those who wish to file a complaint electronically to do so using their personal computers. Use of a computer provided by an employer or others may not protect your privacy or that of the subject. PEB is not responsible for any breaches of confidentiality that occur in connection with information transmitted electronically or by email.

File a Complaint Online

Unless a limitation is specifically stated, guidance in the Code of Ethics applies equally to AGA members and CGFMs, whether they serve in federal, state or local government, industry or academia or are retired. If you believe a member or CGFM has violated the Code of Ethics, you may file a complaint online using the form below. Please provide as much information as possible.

These complaints may be anonymous; however, anonymity may prevent a complaint from being pursued if additional information or clarification is needed from the complaining party.

The board reserves the right not to investigate any frivolous complaints or complaints with insufficient factual allegations.

Information About You

First name:
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Person/agency about whom you are filing a complaint

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Summary of Complaint

Please provide as much detail as possible, including how you learned about the possible violation of the AGA Code of Ethics.
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