National Boards and Committees

More than 300 AGA members serve on national boards and committees to tackle challenges, propose solutions and serve members. The great strides AGA has made as a professional association would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our exceptional volunteer board and committee leaders. Board and committee service develops leadership skills while contributing to the growth of the financial management profession.

Each spring, AGA solicits board and committee member candidates. The national president-elect works with the board and committee chairs to fill leadership vacancies. AGA works to ensure each board and committee, taken as a whole, is representative of AGA membership.

  • All board and committee terms begin July 1.
  • Training committee terms run for one year, while all other committee terms last three years.
  • Members can expect to spend an average of two to four hours per week reading AGA material, preparing for AGA activities and communicating with other board and committee members.
  • AGA reimburses all board and committee members for costs associated with official AGA business; in most cases, very little travel is required.

National boards

National committees