Welcome to intergov!

Intergov features AGA tools by you, for you! They are designed to help government financial management professionals do their jobs better. Intergov features tools that officials from any level of government can use to improve program performance and enhance accountability. These tools can be used to prevent fraud, reduce improper payments, improve outcomes, mitigate risk and enhance collaboration. They can be used by auditors, accountants, grants managers, IT professionals, program managers and others.


Many of the tools included in intergov were developed by AGA’s Intergovernmental Partnership (partnership), which includes experienced and knowledgeable professionals from all level of government. AGA has sponsored the partnership since 2007 as a practical good-government initiative that provides a neutral setting for sharing ideas and best practices. Members of the partnership developed these tools to address areas that our members found challenging. It is AGA’s hope that this toolbox becomes the go-to resource for a broad cross-section of government professionals.