Our Story

AGA was founded as the Federal Government Accountants Association (FGAA) by Robert W. King and a group of federal government accountants on Sept. 14, 1950. AGA expanded in 1975 to include state and local government finance professionals. At that time, the organization's name was changed to the Association of Government Accountants (AGA).

AGA Through the Decades

We are pleased to present AGA’s history. These items were taken from more than 60 years of publications, beginning with The Federal Accountant and ending with Government Financial Management Topics

  ▪  FGAA in the 1950s
  ▪  FGAA in the 1960s
  ▪  FGAA/AGA in the 1970s
  ▪  AGA in the 1980s
  ▪  AGA in the 1990s
  ▪  AGA in the 2000s
  ▪  AGA 2010 and beyond