Research Sponsorship

Consider Sponsoring a Research Study

AGA’s Library includes upwards of fifty completed reports. These in-depth studies are made possible with the support of our Corporate Partners. Generally, the reports deal with auditing and accounting, financial management, technology and other management issues. These studies make AGA a leading advocate for improving the quality and effectiveness of government fiscal administration and program performance and accountability.

How does the sponsorship work? Interested Corporate Partners should contact Susan Fritzlen with an idea or area that you are interested in exploring. Once the scope is determined, AGA will hire an independent researcher to conduct the work. This keeps the project as an independent body of work.

Benefits include, an article published in AGA’s Journal of Government Financial Management; press release; bulk copies printed and distributed - VIP mailing and at AGA events; PDT technical session; webinar subject matter; report posted to AGA’s website; and report electronically distributed to members via Topics e-newsletter.

Who uses the completed studies? AGA reports have been used in congressional testimony, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance and Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports. Congressional staff members make considerable use of CRS reports to become familiar with the issues. Educators in various universities use the reports in their classroom teaching. Government financial managers and others from all over the U.S. call to request reports when and after they are issued. AGA chapters regularly use them for training and professional development events.