Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

Q: How do I get my user name and password?
A: You may retrieve your user name and password by completing the requested information.
Q: How much are AGA dues?
A: AGA has five dues categories — Government, Young Professional, Private, Retired and Student. Each has a different rate.
Q: How much are my chapter dues?
A: Chapter dues vary; please view the chapter dues chart. Chapters are listed alphabetically.
Q: How can I contact the chapter in my area?
A: See our chapter list. Click on your chapter's name for the contact information.
Q: Can I be a member of more than one chapter?
A: Yes. When you join online, you may select up to four chapters. To add a chapter, please email Please note, you may need to pay additional chapter dues. See AGA’s chapter dues schedule for more information.
Q: How do I change chapters?
A: Please email to request a transfer.
Q: How do I update my contact information?
A: You may update your contact information at any time. Sign in to My AGA with your user name and password, then click the edit button at the bottom of your profile page.
Q: How do I obtain my certificate for CPEs?

You will need your AGA ID number to obtain your CPE certificate.

Q: Who can I contact to verify my CGFM application or transcripts were received?
A: Contact the AGA Office of Professional Certification at 1-800-AGA-7211, ext. 320, or The CGFM program has a separate list of FAQs.


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