CGFM Certification Process

Candidates, view your progress in My Path to CGFM.

Step 1 — Read AGA's Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Step 2 — Apply for the CGFM Program

Submit a CGFM program application form and fee online. Please note that checks are not accepted. The non-refundable CGFM application fee is $80 for AGA members ($36 for student members), $109 for nonmembers. AGA membership is not required for the CGFM certification. 


Step 3 — Submit Required Degree Documentation

Upload a copy of your official transcript in My Path to CGFM. This documentation must be received within six months of submitting the application form and before any CGFM examinations can be taken.

See CGFM Education Requirement for more information.

Upload Transcript

Step 4 — Receive an Eligibility Letter

Once your application, payment and transcript are received and approved by the Office of Professional Certification, AGA will e-mail you an eligibility letter with instructions on how to schedule your CGFM examinations. The letter is usually sent out within two weeks of AGA receiving your CGFM application and transcript. A copy of the letter is available through My Path to CGFM.

Eligibility Period and Extensions: Your eligibility to take the CGFM examinations will expire 18 months from the date of CGFM application approval. If your eligibility period ends before you pass all three examinations, you will need to reapply as a new candidate and pass all of the examinations during your new eligibility period. Extensions of eligibility may be granted to individuals who have passed at least one of the CGFM examinations before the end of his or her eligibility period. Extensions will not be granted to individuals who have not passed at least one of the CGFM examinations.

To request an extension, please contact us at within 30 days of your eligibility period expiration date.

Step 5 — Prepare for the CGFM Examinations

Prepare for the examinations by attending an instructor-led course, purchasing an AGA study guide or studying other resources. Take CGFM practice examinations to test your knowledge. To determine the best way to prepare, start by reviewing the CGFM examinations content outlines.

See Preparing for Examinations for more information.

Step 6 — Schedule the CGFM Examinations

Review the CGFM examination policies prior to scheduling your testing appointment. Follow the instructions on your eligibility letter to register with Pearson VUE, pay for the CGFM examination(s) and schedule your testing appointment(s) at either Pearson VUE testing center or as an online proctored exam. Each CGFM examination is $135.


Testing Center
Online Exam


Step 7 — Take the CGFM Examinations

Take the examinations at a Pearson VUE Professional Testing Center or from your location through OnVUE online proctoring. After you complete a CGFM examination, you will immediately receive a pass/fail score. If you did not pass your exam, you must adhere to a 30-day waiting period before you can retake it. If you failed a particular exam more than once, your waiting period is 60 days. You can find your exam results and eligibility dates in My Path to CGFM.

See CGFM Examination Policies for more information.

Step 8 — Submit a Work Verification Form

Fill out a Work Verification Form after you have at least two years of professional-level experience in the U.S. government financial management field. Upload the signed form in My Path to CGFM. You do not have to submit this form before taking the examinations, but it must be received and approved by AGA before the designation can be granted.

See CGFM Experience Requirement for more information.

Download Work
Verification Form
Upload Form in
My Path to CGFM

Step 9 — Receive CGFM Award Letter

The CGFM award letter is usually emailed 3-4 weeks after a candidate completes the last CGFM requirement. Prior to approval, all candidate files are subject to final review by AGA's Office of Professional Certification.

Note: The CGFM designation may not be used until you’ve received an official AGA award letter.

Step 10 — Receive Your CGFM Certificate and Maintain Your Certification

The official CGFM certificate is usually mailed 6–10 weeks after your AGA award letter. Remember to maintain your CGFM in active status.

If you have any questions about the process, or if you have not heard from us within the estimated time frames, please contact the Office of Professional Certification at or 800.AGA.7211.