AGA and the Academic Community

Partner with AGA to set your students and institution apart

As an institute of higher learning, you want your graduates to have a wide range of career opportunities. AGA members – at every level of government, from all across the country – are looking for bright, eager graduates to choose a career path in public service. When we work together, both goals are possible.


AGA Membership

For Professors: One year of FREE electronic membership is available to academicians who are not current AGA members. This membership also includes one year of membership in the nearest local AGA chapter. To sign up, please email

For Students: As a member, students can have mentoring experiences, receive career advice and guidance, learn about the “day in the life of a government financial professional" and give back to their local community. They will also be able to network with senior officials from every level of government at our events. We offer a FREE membership for students to engage with a local AGA chapter! Students just need to visit the student page to sign up. 


Guest speakers/lecturers:

AGA has many national and chapter leaders willing to serve as guest lecturers/presenters on a variety of topics, as their schedules permit. To request a guest lecturer or presenter, please submit the request form to AGA at least 30 days in advance of the event (you will need to log into My AGA to fill out the form).

Request Form

Relevant AGA programs:

CGFM® certification and materials: Help your students get a head start on a possible career in government by introducing them to the Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM) certification. AGA has several successful arrangements with universities to include CGFM study materials in the classroom, helping prepare students for the CGFM examinations. Learn more about this respected and valuable credential, and how your students can expand their career options with CGFM, by contacting AGA’s CGFM team. Student members interested in pursuing the CGFM designation only pay only $36 to apply (67% discount).

Government Finance Case Challenge: Student teams analyze data for a specified government entity and develop a four-page Citizen-Centric Report. The experience challenges students' critical thinking and raises their awareness of what data government financial managers make available to the public. Students also learn the importance of data availability and the responsibility of government to be accountable, and communicative to citizens. Plus, students learn that government service is a great career path and may win!

National Collegiate Leadership Scholarship: Undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage with senior government leaders and learn more about careers in and/or supporting government financial management at AGA’s National Leadership Training in Washington, D.C. 

National Academic Scholarships: Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for several academic scholarships