Higher Competence. Hire a CGFM.

The Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) credential exemplifies experience and proficiency, distinguishing individuals who have made a significant commitment to their professional development. A CGFM has:

  • Increased knowledge of government financial management: CGFMs must pass three rigorous examinations, covering key topics including federal, state and local accounting and reporting; financial management functions; performance measurement; internal controls and auditing.

  • Better understanding of the big picture of government: CGFMs recognize how the different components of government financial management fit together, and they understand their role in the process.

  • Greater confidence on the job: The CGFM certification is directly applicable to the everyday duties of government financial professionals, at every level. It can help a new employee hit the ground running, while enhancing the performance of existing employees.

Demonstrate your organization's commitment to excellence:

  • Seek CGFMs for employment
  • Encourage staff members to enroll in the CGFM program as part of their professional development
  • Reimburse CGFM certification costs (application, training and examination fees)
  • Support preparation efforts – set aside time during the work day for studying
  • Bring CGFM courses to your location to educate your staff and help candidates prepare for examinations
  • Offer financial incentives or promotions to those who earn their CGFM