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The Journal of Government Financial Management (Journal) is a valuable resource in the profession, featuring articles and columns from practitioners and academics with insights based on research and experience. The quarterly publication, produced by AGA since 1950, is distributed to members and international libraries, comprising a circulation of approximately 14,250.

The Journal audience, like AGA’s membership, is diverse. Journal readers are professionals in federal, state and local government financial management and related disciplines, as well as in the private sector, nonprofits and academia. Non-members may purchase single copies of printed issues, based on availability, for $33 each. The annual subscription rate is $110 in the continental U.S. and $130 elsewhere. AGA membership includes a complimentary subscription of the Journal.

The Journal includes ethics questions each month, which are submitted by readers and answered by our team of ethics experts. If you have an ethics question, please submit your anonymous question for review. Am ethics expert will respond. Anonymous questions, and related answers, may be published in the Journal and/or other AGA publications. We reserve the right to restrict or edit submitted content.

Upcoming Editorial Calendar

Winter 2023: Government and the Pandemic — Reporting on Results

How do we make sure federal relief funds are used as expected for the outcomes intended? How should governments measure program outcomes from CARES Act and other relief funding? How should they report outcomes to citizens? How can we confirm accuracy in reporting?
Submission deadline: Sept. 7, 2022

Spring 2023: Now What?

How has the workforce and work culture changed as a result of the pandemic? How have work changes affected ethics, especially in hiring practices and workforce behavior? Which changes motivated by the pandemic have become ingrained? Which ones led to positive outcomes in performance, operations, audit, efficiency, customer experience or other areas? Case studies, best practices and lessons learned are encouraged.
Submission deadline: December 6, 2022

Summer 2023: Why Don't Americans Trust Government?

With inflation, public pension liability, deficits, debt, fraud, waste and abuse, in addition to pandemic relief programs, American trust in government is at an all‑time low, according to Pew and Gallup. How can the government accountability profession help regain public trust? How can AGA promote transparency, fiscal stewardship and responsibility, as well as build understanding with citizens? From entities that maintain citizen trust or satisfaction, what are their best practices and lesson learned to help rebuild trust in government?
Submission deadline: March 6, 2023

Fall 2023: Balancing Act

All organizations must balance mission objectives with efficiency. But the link between government program results and funding is indirect and hard to measure, complicating efforts in transparency and accountability. What changes (i.e., two‑year budgets, capital budgeting, workplace rules and practices, policies, risk management, trade-offs for cybersecurity) might enhance performance without reducing efficiency and effectiveness? How does the existing burden of the oversight framework impact the balancing act?
Submission deadline: June 6, 2023

Winter 2024: Preparing for the Worst

How do governments at every level prepare for the unexpected? How can they measure their effectiveness and communicate successes after a crisis, such as natural disasters, cyber and system failures, market failure, hyperinflation, war, famine, disease, reputation failure and more? What are the barriers to implementing workable solutions? Based on experiences of dealing with the unexpected, what are important lessons learned, best practices or case studies to help others prepare for and overcome crises?
Submission deadline: September 6, 2023

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