ADVANTAGE Group Membership Program

Does your organization have five or more individuals interested in joining AGA? Consider an AGA ADVANTAGE Group membership. 


You need more than one expert on your team. There is so much change happening in the profession, brought on by advances in technology, that committing to upskilling and lifelong learning is now mandatory. The top skills needed by 2025 include critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.

Employee participation in AGA Builds Stronger Organizations

Unite your FM staff into an ADVANTAGE Group and we will provide them with the tools, resources, support community and solutions for today’s problems. Even in a virtual world. And saving themselves and your organization time and money.


  • Unites five or more individuals in your organization into one group.
  • Provides unparalleled member benefits to your employees and streamlines the billing process through a single consolidated invoice and one payment for the entire group.
  • Customized member services through a single point of contact at AGA for membership servicing and questions.

Here's what our ADVANTAGE Group Users have to say...

  • "The Virginia Department of Corrections has found AGA group membership to be a convenient and cost-effective program for our Internal Audit Unit. Paying by group membership streamlines the process by not having to make multiple payments. Through this program, all of our audit professionals are able take advantage of a number of opportunities for Continuing Professional Education throughout the year. We also benefit from networking opportunities at meetings and events held by our local AGA chapter. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the AGA group membership program."
    Michelle DuBois, Internal Audit Unit, Virginia Department of Corrections

  • "Group membership provides the Office of Policy and Audit ease of knowing the group payment is complete in one transaction conveniently.  The group payment allows the staff to enjoy the early bird specials and numerous discounted seminars, as a result of membership paid quickly and timely."
    Peggy Willhite, Finance and Administration Cabinet, Office of Policy and Audit

  • "Kentucky’s Office of the Controller uses the Advantage program as a convenient way to pay dues.  Advantage makes renewing AGA membership easy for office fiscal staff by simplifying paperwork and being able to make one payment for multiple employees."
    Phil Nally, Kentucky Office of the Controller


There are no additional fees beyond each members' dues. Your organization may choose to also include chapter dues and CGFM fees for your ADVANTAGE Group members. You may add new members to your group at any time. Please note that memberships are individual and not transferable.

Questions about AGA's ADVANTAGE Group Membership Program? Contact or 800.242.7211.

Please note: the ADVANTAGE Group is not a discounted membership for group members. Each person maintains their individual membership benefits.

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