Young Professionals Focus Group

AGA's Young Professionals Focus Group (YPFG) brings together passionate and aspiring young professional leaders to brainstorm strategic approaches in appealing to the next generation of government financial management professionals. The YPFG strives to develop pathways for young professional and student members to develop meaningful relationships and create early impact in furthering government excellence.

YPFG members have the opportunity to engage at AGA’s local and national levels while contributing their aspirations and ideas to expand AGA's impact including but not limited to:

  • AGA’s overall young professional/student outreach and engagement activities.
  • Student engagement through young professional involvement in AGA student activities.
  • Young professional and student participation in chapter leadership roles and national committees. 
  • Digital avenues to attract young professionals and students to AGA. 
  • Current opportunities for young professionals at AGA:

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