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Course Details: Budget Development and Execution

Budgeting for federal, state and local governments requires many sub-processes that take place in a defined budget cycle. Everyone has a role in preparing or executing the budget; regardless of level, there are well-defined procedures and rules. This course offers an understanding of the concepts and practices of governmental budget preparation and execution processes. All aspects of the budget cycle, from formulation, review, appropriation, budget execution and reporting will be analyzed. The various types of budgets, including performance, line-item and program budgets will be examined, with particular attention paid to budget preparation, execution and reporting as they relate to GAAP.

Learning Objectives

This course covers:

  • Budget cycle and its various steps
  • Use of and advantages/disadvantages of performance, line-item and program budgeting systems
  • Applying GAAP to the budgetary preparation, execution and reporting process
  • Preparing and critically examining management reports and financial statements that provide budgetary information
  • Making plans and formulating suggestions for improving the budget system used by their own government

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