CGFM Turns 30!

The New Year brings reason to celebrate — 30 years of CGFM®! AGA created the Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM) program in 1994 to fill a need in the government financial management community. Through preparation and exams encompassing governmental accounting, auditing, internal controls, budgeting, and financial reporting at all levels of government, CGFMs become well versed in the knowledge and skills needed for the rigors and complexities of their duties. Furthermore, coverage of federal, state and local government financial management allows CGFMs to expand their career opportunities throughout the United States.

If you are a CGFM, join us in celebrating this milestone by encouraging others to earn their CGFM.

If you are not yet a CGFM, this is a perfect time to start!


CGFM Promotions

To celebrate the 30th anniversary, we’ll be offering various promotions throughout 2024. Check back to see how you can save on your CGFM journey.

In February 2024: 

- We are offering a TOGO promotion — take a CGFM exam from February 1–March 31 and your next exam is on us! That’s a savings of $135! Learn more here!