Scheduling Online Exam Appointment

Have you reviewed the CGFM examination policies? If not, please do that now.

Then please read all of the instructions and procedures for scheduling your CGFM exam appointment online thru Pearson’s OnVUE found on this page before scheduling your appointment.

NEW! Effective October 15th, 2023, Pearson VUE is pleased to offer CGFM exam appointment reminders via SMS/text message, in addition to email reminders. To opt in: log into your Pearson VUE account, enter your mobile number under “My Profile” and then return to the Dashboard to select “Preferences", and mark/check the SMS option.

Online Proctored Exams

Take your CGFM exams conveniently from home through OnVUE online proctoring. A live proctor will monitor you through the webcam on your workstation to provide a secure exam experience.

Watch the short video on the AGA online proctoring page to see how convenient it is to test from home or work. Be sure to run the system test before you sign in to register for an online proctored exam.

Schedule your
Exam Appointment

Pearson VUE Examination Scheduling Instructions

Use the button above to navigate to AGA’s page on Pearson VUE website.

  • New user: If this is your first time visiting this Pearson VUE website, click on “Create account” on the right. Enter your first and last names and your Candidate ID found on your CGFM eligibility letter and click “Next”. Enter the required information on the Profile screen and click “Next”. Set up a new Username. Your password will be emailed to you. Pay for and schedule exams.
  • Returning user: Click on "Sign in" on the right and log in using the Username and Password you’ve set up during your previous registration with Pearson VUE (or use the appropriate links if you forgot your username or password). After you sign in, you can schedule/change your test appointments, view your testing history and view/modify your personal information.

Online Exam Rescheduling and Cancellation Procedures

To reschedule or cancel your online exam appointment, log into your account and change your appointment as soon as possible before your appointment date and time. If you do not cancel your appointment before the scheduled appointment time, you will forfeit your exam fee.

Online Exam Testing Procedures

Before the exam:

  • Visit the AGA online proctoring page and review information on exam policies and procedures, system requirements, and the System Test. In order to take the exam in an online environment, you must agree to the Pearson online proctored policies.  
  • Complete the required System Test from the same computer and in the same location you’ll be using on exam day. Corporate firewalls often cause issues while trying to take your exam. Please consider taking your exam in a setting without a corporate firewall.
  • Review the identification requirements below.

Please be prepared to show and upload photos of one (1) valid form of unexpired, government-issued personal ID. The government-issued ID must have your signature and must have your photo.

The name on the registration must match the name on the government issued ID exactly. Please verify that your name listed on your confirmation email matches your identification. If your identification is not considered valid, you will not be permitted to complete your exam and are unlikely to receive a refund.

On exam day:

We recommend logging into your account 30 minutes early to start the check-in process and to allow for any troubleshooting. If you are more than 15 minutes late after your scheduled exam time, you will be unable to begin your exam and are unlikely to receive a refund.

To log into your account:

  • Click on the Sign in button 
  • Click on your scheduled exam under ”Purchased Online Exams”
  • Click “Begin Exam” and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the check-in process

You are required to have a clean and clutter free workstation. During check in, you will be asked to take photos of your work area, which will be checked by a Proctor prior to exam launch. Please ensure that your desktop is clean and all personal items are out of reach. Items on the wall with writing on them, such as whiteboards, will be inspected.

Once you have completed the check-in process, you will be contacted by a Proctor to begin your exam. If your workspace does not pass a room scan, you are not permitted to proceed with taking the exam.

By taking an online CGFM exam, you agree to abide by Pearson VUE policies and procedures found on the AGA online proctoring page, including the following policies:

  • You are not within arm’s reach of all personal items, including but not limited to cell phones, wallets or purses, bags, books, notepads, sticky notes, papers, pens, pencils, and other writing instruments/objects. 
  • Additional monitors and computers must be unplugged and turned off. 
  • Your webcam and microphone must be working, and you must remain quiet during your exam. 
  • Once you check in for the exam, you cannot leave your testing environment and must stay within your webcam view until after you submit your completed exam and you have exited the OnVUE application. 
  • No other people can be in the room where you are taking the exam.

In addition, CGFM online exams have the following policies:

  • No breaks are allowed during the exam.
  • Calculator and whiteboard features are built into the online exam software and may be used electronically during the exam. Physical calculators, notes or paper may not be used during the exam. 

If any of the above policies are violated during an exam, your test may be revoked and AGA may take additional action(s) – please see Examinee Misconduct section of CGFM examination policies.

Facial comparison and recording policy:

You understand and agree that Pearson VUE may use facial comparison technology for the purpose of verifying your identity during the testing process. It will compare your facial image to the one on your identification and to facial images captured during the testing process and help us further develop, upgrade, and improve this application. If you do not agree to the use of facial comparison technology during your testing session, you will not be able to take the online proctored exam. 

By taking this exam, you acknowledge that the Proctor will continuously monitor you by video and audio while you take your exam, and you acknowledge and consent to audio and video recording of your face, voice, the physical room where you are seated, and the location during exam delivery. You recognize that you have no right to privacy at your current location during exam delivery and that you waive any and all claims asserting a right to privacy. If you do not wish to be recorded (either by video or audio), you will not be able to take the online proctored exam. Instead, please schedule your appointment at a testing center.

Ownership, Confidentiality and Non-disclosure provisions

All CGFM examination materials, including all questions and all forms of the examinations, are confidential and proprietary information of AGA. Disclosure, in writing or orally, of the contents of any individual CGFM examination questions is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of AGA’s Code of Ethics.

By taking a CGFM exam, you certify that you will not engage in unethical behavior or seek an unfair advantage, or assist others in doing so, such as by copying answers from another candidate, providing assistance to another candidate, or using unauthorized materials during any CGFM examination, and, should you become aware of such conduct by others, you will report it to AGA. In addition, you agree not to copy, record or remove any CGFM examination questions and materials, nor disclose, in writing or orally, the contents of any individual examination questions.

Failure to abide by these representations will result in disciplinary action, including, but are not limited to, cancellation of exam scores, revocation of certified status, disqualification from future examinations, and reporting of misconduct to third parties, including employers and other certifying bodies. If misconduct is discovered after certified status has been achieved, it may be treated as a violation of the AGA’s Code of Ethics.