Important Tips for CGFM Candidates

While there’s no "one-size-fits-all" approach to studying for the CGFM examinations, here are a few tips that many candidates find helpful:
  • Read everything about CGFM certification on the AGA website
  • Start your preparation with the examination content outlines and pay special attention to the acronyms and sample questions
  • Review additional references in areas with which you are less familiar
  • Make flashcards for local, state and federal terms
  • Use reputable resources, such as AGA materials, information provided by a government agency or college textbooks (beware of poor quality materials that are sometimes sold online)

AGA’s CGFM Study Guide Tips

  • Read the most recent version of the AGA study guide (cover to cover) and pay attention to highlighted boxes, key terms, etc.
  • For the end of chapter/section questions, don’t just identify the correct answer; ask yourself why the other answers are incorrect
  • Know what the AGA study guides are and are not:
    • Are resources that provide an excellent foundation in studying for the CGFM examinations
    • Are not intended to offer answers to individual exam questions
  • Determine if you need more in-depth preparation: while many candidates find the guides to be sufficient in their preparation, some individuals may need to go a step further and review additional references

AGA’s CGFM Practice Exam Tips

  • Pay attention to your timing as you go through the 115-question practice exam;  keep in mind that you will be given 2 hours and 15 minutes for each live CGFM exam at a testing center
  • Don’t just identify the correct answer; ask yourself why the other answers are incorrect
  • Print the result pages of your practice exam and review the references for incorrect answers
  • Understand that practice exam questions are a study tool and not a predictor of your performance on the actual CGFM exam

During the Exam

  • Slow down and read each exam question thoroughly – look for specific terms in the questions that might help you identify the correct answer

Exam Retake Tips

  • If you don’t pass a CGFM examination, you’ll receive an instant report that shows your performance by content area - use this score report as your guide to help you focus your study preparation
  • Within a week of taking the exam, contact Pearson to schedule a retake for the first available date, after your waiting period
  • Go back to the exam content outline and highlight the areas with which you struggled during the exam. When studying for the retake, focus on those areas. 
  • Remember that candidates may not discuss exam questions with anyone, including AGA staff
  • A number of successful CGFMs have struggled with at least one of the examinations, so please don’t feel discouraged!
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