General Guidance

Complaints about quality.

A high rate of rejections, returns, or failures.

Lack of inspection/falsified reports.

A contractor that restricts or avoids inspection of goods upon delivery.

Mismarking or mislabeling of products and materials.

A contractor offers to select samples for testing programs.

A contractor refuses to provide supporting documentation regarding production or manufacturing.

Vendor fails to supply warranty information.

Vendor fails to apply manufacturers’ rebates/discounts towards final costs.

Photocopies of necessary certification, delivery, and production records exist where originals are expected.

Irregularities in signatures, dates, or quantities on delivery documents.

Certifications required in the contract are not signed.

Allegations of bribery of inspectors.

A supplier entertains or provides gratuities to procurement personnel.

Adequate project monitoring and oversight.

Agency verification of inspection reports.

Independent testing program.

Whistleblower mechanism.

National Association of State Comptrollers' Internal Control Questionnaires

Department of Defense's Fraud Red Flags and Indicators