CGFM Instructor-Led Courses

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These three comprehensive courses benefit both Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) candidates studying for the examinations and those who wish to advance their knowledge of government financial management, in general. Designed from the content outlines of the CGFM examinations, the courses provide in-depth coverage of government financial management topics at all levels of government. Each course provides high-quality, NASBA-approved, continuing professional education (CPE).

Course 1: Governmental Environment

This course looks at the organization and structure of government, public accountability, ethics in government, the governmental financing process and other legal and environmental aspects of government. Worth 8 CPE hours, this is a one-day course.

Course 2: Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Budgeting

This course looks at the general principles of governmental financial accounting and performance reporting, and budgeting, as well as the unique aspects of both federal and state and local financial accounting and reporting. Worth 24 CPE hours, this is a three-day course.

Course 3: Governmental Financial Management and Control

This course looks at internal and management control, auditing, performance measurement and reporting, financial and managerial analysis and techniques, concepts and controls. Worth 16 CPE hours, this is a two-day course.

Course Descriptions

Special Note to CGFM Candidates:

CGFM study guides and courses are separate from CGFM examinations and are based on the publicly available examination content outlines. CGFM courses are not designed as exam prep courses with strategies on how to pass the exams, but as comprehensive training in the areas covered on the CGFM examinations. While CGFM courses provide an excellent foundation for individuals studying for the CGFM examinations, these courses are not required for the CGFM certification.