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FY 2022 CEAR Awardees

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The recipients listed below were presented with the CEAR awards for their FY 2022 reports at AGA's CEAR Award Ceremony held May 31, 2023 at the JW Marriott. Recipients are listed along with the number of times they have earned the award with the link to their report.

CEAR Special Best-in-Class Awards

The 14 recipients listed below were presented with special awards at AGA's CEAR Award Ceremony following the presentation of the CEAR awards. Recipients were not told beforehand if they would receive a special award.

Please click on the agency's name to reference their report. 

Using photographs throughout the AFR, this agency depicted the beauty of our country, its people, and the national treasures and land resources entrusted to it to manage and protect for all Americans. The photographs greatly enhanced the AFR.


The agency head message is exceptionally written, candid, and comprehensive, and demonstrates collaboration within the organization. It explains the entity’s mission, goals, and accomplishments, as well as the issues and challenges associated with its mission.  It also discusses the auditors’ report results as well as internal control and compliance findings. And, finally, it does a good job of recognizing the staff and others that contribute to the organization.


This agency excelled in the clarity, simplicity, and design of its financial statement notes. For example, the well-written, concise, user-friendly description of Significant Accounting Policies facilitates understanding of the financial statements and how events and transactions are recorded for readers without an accounting background. Cross references to related financial statements and Notes further facilitate understanding of the applicability of each financial statement section.


This is the first time that we have recognized an agency in this category. This agency is being recognized for including information focused on providing more access and support to the agency’s customers across the country, particularly focusing on those currently underserved, which should spur innovation, create jobs, and improve the nation’s welfare.


This is the first time that we have recognized an agency in this category. The Forward-Looking Information subsection describes the agency’s enterprise-level risk assessment and effectively compares those risks to the OIG-identified management challenges, to present an informative discussion of risks and the agency’s responses to each.


The agency’s Mission Performance section lays out the strategic plan framework, strategic goals and objectives, the assessment approach, agency priority goals, strategic goal highlights, and a high-level view of performance with relevant examples for each strategic goal.This information is well balanced, informative, includes relevant graphs, pictures, and highlights and is easy to read and understand.


This agency presents clear and concise performance highlights, including targets and results, and summary information on its performance indicators. This was enhanced by an excellent curation of examples to illustrate accomplishments and contributions toward the objectives and to capture the diversity of work that the agency performs, and the breadth of agencies impacted.


  • Inspector General’s Summary of the Most Serious Management and Performance Challenges and Management’s Response
    Department of Treasury

This Inspector General’s report effectively presents the magnitude and nature of the challenges the agency faces and the need for dramatic change.  Likewise, management’s responses to these challenges are insightful. For example, in discussing its ongoing initiatives and plans, management demonstrates an acceptance and firm grasp of the issues and clearly presents the actions it is taking to address the identified management and performance challenges.


This is the first time that we have recognized an agency in this category. This agency greatly enhanced its performance reporting by addressing the prior year’s CEAR recommendations and now presents performance measures for each of its major strategic goals. While some of the reported performance results did not meet expectations, there was candor in reporting the results and an informative discussion regarding plans for resolution.


This agency effectively links both resources and costs to its strategic goals. Specifically, the agency presents effective graphic displays of its resources, by fund, which support its strategic goals, as well as a graphic that shows costs incurred, by strategic goal. This presents the reader with a clear link between resources and performance and helps the agency and users assess how the agency accomplishes its priorities within the context of the costs and benefits of doing so.


This agency provided a detailed Payment Integrity Report with clear explanations regarding the scope of its improper payment challenges, an overview of risks, and informative analyses and explanations of corrective actions the agency is taking.


This is the first time that we have recognized an agency in this category. This report provides an exceptional Performance Highlights subsection, identifying the process for managing performance, goals, and high-level results.  The report also presents informative and concise Performance at a Glance tables.


This agency’s performance goals, objectives, and results section effectively summarizes the agency’s new strategic plan and effectively explains the agency’s performance through visually appealing displays of information, photos, and ‘real-life’ stories. The agency uses creative techniques such as icons linked to strategic goals, graphics, “Did You Know” boxes, and “Performance in Action” vignettes to make the performance section more appealing.


This agency effectively describes its use of data and evidence in program and project design, monitoring, and evaluation.  The agency updated its program evaluation policy to encompass the full spectrum of performance management to achieve the most effective mission outcomes.  The ongoing performance management improvements include developing an evaluation toolkit, data-centric training for its employees, and peer collaboration and learning.  The agency also did an excellent job of explaining the power of data and how it is making data and data analytics accessible, interoperable, and actionable.


*First time the CEAR program has recognized any agency in this category

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