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FY 2023 CEAR Awardees

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The recipients listed below were presented with the CEAR awards for their FY 2023 reports at AGA's CEAR Award Ceremony held May 16, 2024 at the Grand Hyatt. Recipients are listed along with the number of times they have earned the award with the link to their report.

2 Years

Internal Revenue Service Report, CEAR Award certificate 
U.S. Office of Personnel Management Report, CEAR Award certificate
U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Report, CEAR Award certificate

5 Years 

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Report, CEAR Award certificate

7 Years

National Credit Union Administration Report, CEAR Award certificate

8 Years

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Report, CEAR Award certificate

10 Years

U.S. Agency for International Development Report, CEAR Award certificate 
U.S. Department of Commerce Report, CEAR Award certificate 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Report, CEAR Award certificate

11 Years

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Report, CEAR Award certificate 
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Report, CEAR Award certificate

12 Years

Architect of the Capitol Report, CEAR Award certificate

15 Years

U.S. Department of the Treasury Report, CEAR Award certificate

16 Years

Federal Housing Finance Agency Report, CEAR Award certificate

17 Years

Federal Trade Commission Report, CEAR Award certificate 
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Report, CEAR Award certificate

18 Years

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Report, CEAR Award certificate 

19 Years

U.S. Department of State Report, CEAR Award certificate

20 Years

Federal Aviation Administration Report, CEAR Award certificate

22 Years

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Report, CEAR Award certificate 
U.S. Department of the Interior Report, CEAR Award certificate

23 Years

U.S. Government Accountability Office Report, CEAR Award certificate

26 Years

Social Security Administration Report, CEAR Award certificate

CEAR Special Best-in-Class Awards

The 13 recipients listed below were presented with special awards at AGA's CEAR Award Ceremony following the presentation of the CEAR awards. Recipients were not told beforehand if they would receive a special award.

Please click on the agency's name to reference their report. 

*Informative introductions for the agency’s mission, organization, and report

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – The agency provides excellent introductory material to its agency financial report, including an overview of the report, a pictorial history of the agency, a description of its mission and the work that it does, and an informative discussion of its organizational structure, including its operating and staff divisions, with links to additional information.  This introductory material is very helpful in informing the reader regarding the scope and complexity of the agency and what is presented in this report. 

Exceptional use of graphics, charts, pictures, call-out boxes, and video links 

Architect of the Capitol – The agency uses easy-to-read infographics, graphics, and charts; exceptional pictures with explanatory captions; informative “Did You Know” boxes; and video links throughout, to bring the agency’s history and mission discussions to life. The document is visually appealing, along with clear and concise narratives that engage the reader.  

Diverse presentation contents and use of media to bring the agency’s mission to life

National Aeronautics and Space Administration – The agency includes many interactive and engaging features, such as links to its YouTube channel, videos, and other creative and compelling documents that enhance readers’ interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the scope of the agency’s mission and how it benefits the public. It also includes significant features that promote diversity in its workforce and interest in the agency, including Spanish versions of the messages from the agency head and chief financial officer. 

Comprehensive Message from the Secretary

U.S. Department of the Interior – The agency prepared an exceptional “Message from the Secretary” that is forthright as to material internal control weaknesses and provides a clear, comprehensive synopsis of the agency’s accomplishments and challenges. The Secretary’s Message was intriguing and thought-provoking, demonstrating the importance of the agency’s mission and ongoing contributions to the nation and encouraging the reader to want to gain greater insights into its activities. The Message demonstrated a level of authenticity from the author as well as transparency regarding things that needed to be improved.  

Excellent overall Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Internal Revenue Service – This agency’s MD&A effectively presents “The Big Picture” by candidly discussing its challenges and path forward to transformation, including the focus on customer service and improved performance.  The MD&A effectively presents the agency’s new strategic plan, the related performance reporting to guide its transformation, and discussion on its top priority efforts. Vignettes, success stories, and examples add important context to complex information. The section on “Verification and Validation of Performance Data,” demonstrates the importance that the agency places on reliable performance data. Further, the discussion of “Enterprise Risk Management,” highlights the agency’s focus on the top enterprise risks and recognition of intersecting risks and opportunities. 

*Excellent discussion of management challenges in the MD&A

U.S. Government Accountability Office – The agency outlines key management challenges, in its MD&A, to provide a candid and balanced message to readers. The agency’s candor about topics that impede its ability to achieve its mission aligns with the intent of accountability reporting. This allows the inspector general to comment not only on the challenges but also on management’s perception of them - a key distinction. 

Presentation of the most important forward-looking information

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – The agency effectively identifies its most important forward-looking information in just two pages. By using plain language and connecting forward-looking information to results, the agency highlights challenges in a clear manner. This agency went above and beyond to reach readers by creating an engaging and clear video to introduce the reader to the AFR and its contents including the forward-looking information. 

Informative explanation of budgetary resources and how they are used

Federal Aviation Administration – The agency includes an informative section in its MD&A that effectively summarizes its budgetary resources and how they are used, illustrating how those resources support the agency’s lines of business, other programs, and its strategic goals. This discussion enhances the reader’s understanding of how the agency operates. 

Clear, concise financial and performance highlights sections

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission– The agency does an outstanding job of presenting clear and concise financial and performance highlights, written in language that is easy to understand and explaining the variances, conditions, and trends.  The agency effectively uses tables and graphics to enhance the explanations, including performance-at-a-glance charts that depict key performance results of its strategic goals. 

Integrated financial and performance reporting

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office– The agency did an outstanding job of including many figures, tables, and charts that explain financial information and how it is directly connected to performance, both in the Management's Discussion and Analysis and in the Financial Section. The entire report is focused on the results that were delivered with USPTO's financial resources. 

*Integration of climate-related risk information into performance reporting

U.S. Agency for International Development– This agency provides detailed information on oversight of its climate-related programs including steps the agency is taking to reduce climate impact and steps it is taking with partner organizations through its influence in grants and cooperative agreements. The report contains extensive details on the agency’s process for assessing, managing, and reducing climate-related risks across its operations and programs.   

*Excellence in financial reporting

U.S. Department of the Treasury – This agency presents its financial results throughout its AFR in a comprehensive and understandable way.  The Financial Highlights section of the MD&A integrates useful graphics and charts that explain significant accounts and changes.  The financial statement footnotes are also comprehensive, professionally written, and well-organized, providing useful information to the informed reader while providing others - who may not have a deep understanding of government - the ability to learn a tremendous amount about how this complex agency serves as the financial steward to the nation. 

Demonstrated commitment to improving accountability reporting

U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board  – This agency is in its second year of CEAR participation. It demonstrated its desire to continually improve by implementing all of last year’s CEAR program recommendations. Its commitment to excellence in accountability reporting is noteworthy and a tribute to its leadership and staff.  Although it is a small agency with a budget of about $10 million, it has found ways to effectively meet the objectives of transparent accountability within the context of its unique mission, in its AFR, showing that it can climb the highest mountain, like the “Little Engine that Could.”    


*First time the CEAR program has recognized any agency in this category

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