Diversity and Inclusion at AGA

AGA commits to reflecting the diversity of the broad government financial management community in its leadership, membership, committees, and task forces as well as with its hiring and contracting practices.

Diversity enriches our organization and we embrace an environment that respects, celebrates, and encourages open communication and differences of opinion as well as a diverse membership representing all levels of government, industry, academia, numerous financial management related disciplines, educational backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and cultures. AGA is committed to creating and sustaining an environment that values everyone in every stage of education, career and beyond.

AGA is also an inclusive organization that leverages the strength of diversity and fosters equity in all aspects of how it functions, engages and delivers valued services and opportunities to its members, customers and stakeholders.

The more diverse the views and backgrounds are within AGA, the better foundation there will be for making sound decisions.  A culture of openness and candor defines and influences our communication. Diversity is a way of life, not just a one-time initiative.  It is an ongoing responsibility with the highest priority.  To that end, AGA strives to attract, hire, develop, and retain employees and volunteers who support AGA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.